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Issue 7 / 2021
Dear Sir or Madam,
Good news for book fair enthusiasts: This year, Frankfurter Buchmesse is offering events, exchange and inspiration in advance to the on-site book fair from 20 to 24 October 2021!
From 11-15 October, the new Masterclasses by Frankfurter Buchmesse and its partner will take place. The topics and fields covered range from "audio book production through AI" and "the digital transformation of the value chain" to "freedom of publication and self-censorship" and "mentoring in publishing".
The online networking series The Hof is also back on 30 September 2021. The first guest of the new season is #fbm21 Director Juergen Boos, who will get the participants in the mood for the book fair.
Frankfurt Conference will focus on Academic Publishing on Monday, 11 October, and on Trade Publishing on Tuesday, 12 October. Tickets are available now!
Find out how you can experience the #fbm21 programming either on-site or online in this newsletter.

Enjoy reading!
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Online professional programme
Learn from the best - in the new Masterclasses
The Masterclasses by Frankfurter Buchmesse and its partners run from 11-15 October. The 45-minute lectures will each give insights into exciting future markets as well as topical issues in publishing. The Masterclasses feature top-class speakers like Jo Surman, Fionnuala Barrett, and Jessica Barnfield from the HarperCollins UK Audio Team, presenting “Audio Publishing: Behind the Scenes" on Monday, 11 October at 4 pm (CEST), and DeGruyter Vice Presidents Brian Bishop and Scott Williams, whose class on "How digital transformation works at a mid-sized academic publishing house” will take place on Tuesday, 12 October, 5 pm (CEST). Applications for free participation is open until 3 October 2021.

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© Litprom | © Manuela Uribe
LiBeratur Award 2021
And the winner is...Pilar Quintana from Colombia!
Colombian author Pilar Quintana is this year’s winner of Litprom’s LiBeraturpreis, an award honouring female writers from the Global South. Her novel La Perra (German version: Hündin, translated by Mayela Gerhardt, published by Aufbau) is a “profound human tragedy told in skilfully sparse prose”, the award’s jury says. Pilar Quintana plans to attend Frankfurter Buchmesse.

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Guest of Honour Canada
Virtual Road Trip of Canada
The #fbm21 Guest of Honour Canada has been highlighting locations that are meaningful to the official delegation of authors and illustrators. Follow along as our social media accounts “travel” next to Whitehorse, the hometown of author Ivan Coyote, and then to British Columbia, home of authors Nancy Vo and Esi Edugyan.

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Fabrice Bakhouche © Hachette Livre | Rüdiger Wischenbart © private 
Broadcast on the Agora and on
Global CEO Talk 2021 with Fabrice Bakhouche
Host Rüdiger Wischenbart will welcome Fabrice Bakhouche, Deputy CEO to Hachette Livre, at the traditional Global CEO Talk, presented by Bookdao (China), buchreport (Germany), Livres Hebdo (France) and Publishers Weekly (USA). Discussions will focus on the current edition of the annual Global 50 Ranking of the International Publishing Industry researched by Rüdiger Wischenbart. In this hour-long interview with Fabrice Bakhouche, the editors of the four international publications will ask him about key topics affecting the global publishing industry and the strategies Hachette’s new leadership team has employed to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. The event on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, at 2-3 pm CEST is part of the Frankfurt Studio: Inside Publishing programme.

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Speakers Cristina Mussinelli, James Taylor, and Laura Brady
#fbm21 x WIPO
Are you ready for the European Accessibility Act?
This event co-organised by the Federation of European Publishers, Frankfurter Buchmesse, the International Publishers Association and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), will focus on how publishers doing business in Europe can prepare for the Accessibility Act taking effect in 2025. The event on Wednesday, 20 October 2021 at 3-4 pm (CEST), will also include the ceremony for  WIPO’s International Excellence Award for Accessible Publishing (ABC).
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Speakers Carsten Fink, Bodour Al Qasimi, and André Breedt
#fbm21 x WIPO
The impact of COVID-19 on the global publishing industry
Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the global economy. At this digital panel co-organised by the World Intellectual Property Organization and Frankfurter Buchmesse, WIPO's chief economist, Carsten Fink, will launch the Publishing Industry Report and, together with three industry experts, will take a closer look at the impact of Covid-19 on the publishing industries. The event will take place on Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 11am - 12pm (CEST)
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Broadcast on the Agora and on
STARTS Day on 22 October in the Frankfurt Studio
STARTS is a European Commission initiative to highlight innovative projects that combine Science, Technology and the Arts and contribute to addressing the social, environmental, and economic challenges of our time. As of 2021, Frankfurter Buchmesse is a regular partner for the prestigious STARTS Prize that is awarded in June every year. On our STARTS Day, 22 October 2021, we present discussions on topics like sustainability, rising sea levels, AI, and the presentation of the two winning as well as two nominated projects of the STARTS PRIZE 2021: Remix el Barrio and Oceans in Transformation.

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German Stories
Books on Covid-19 from Germany
Ever since the pandemic first struck, publishing in Germany has been struggling to find answers to the manifold questions it gave rise to. Expectations and hope for a new world have become common themes. The various dimensions of the current crisis are reflected in the categories we chose to structure our book collection on the subject by: Crisis, Healthcare, Economy, Future Scenarios, Changes and Cultural Spheres.
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Children's Books on Tour spring 2021
Popular around the world - German children's books
“Children's Books on Tour” is a thematic showcase of current children's and young adult literature from Germany. The tour stops at book fairs and other destinations abroad, such as pop-up exhibitions at literary places. Find some of the latest releases from Germany for young readers in the CBoT rights catalogue, get new inspiration for translation projects and reach out to the publishers.
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