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Issue 6 / 2022
Dear reader,
This year we are dedicating the campaign "Translate. Transfer. Transform." to the theme of translation. Over the next few weeks, the programme derived from this motto will be gradually rolled out. Our exhibitors can also participate in it, or contribute to the content of Frankfurter Buchmesse with other topics that concern them. In this issue of the newsletter, we refer to some of the opportunities we have created for this – and our press release gives a preview of what else we have planned.

The programme designed by our Guest of Honour Spain is already firmly in place – and the design of the Guest of Honour pavilion is spectacular. Click through the picture gallery and the list of authors who will be coming to Frankfurt in October!

Part of the pavilion is also the book exhibition "Books on Spain", for which international publishers can submit their current titles. Information will be available on the Guest of Honour website from 15 July.

Enjoy reading!

Your Newsletter Team
 © Elisa Rivera
Guest of Honour Spain
Performance, poetry and a pavilion full of "spilling creativity"
Performance art or flamenco sounds, high culture from the Prado, tapas-style culinary culture and an impressive multi-voiced literature: at a recent press conference, this year's Guest of Honour Spain announced around 200 authors, translators and other book industry representatives who will be travelling to Frankfurt in October. The Guest of Honour Pavilion, the centrepiece of the Spanish presentation, is based on immersive elements and participatory activities. A photo stream offers a look at the designs.
Over the summer, the cultural supporting programme gets underway. Numerous cultural events are planned under the motto "Spilling Creativity". The two writers Elia Barceló and Elena Medel have already given an insight into their literary work, which can be viewed on YouTube.

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Digital Professional Programme 2022
How to host a Buchmesse Masterclass
Learn from the best – at the Masterclasses shortly before the Frankfurter Buchmesse, industry players will present exciting business cases and share their expert knowledge. Do you have an innovative concept, a groundbreaking new product or would you like to raise the profile of your young company in the right environment? Are you looking for a way to enter into a digital conversation with your customers, but you want to focus on your content and not on the technology? We would be happy to advise you.
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Events at the Fair
Signing sessions and talk formats: book your slots!

It pays to be quick! Publishers can now book time slots for their authors in the signing tents at the Agora - direct contact with fans guaranteed!
The Frankfurt Studio (contact: can also be booked - for both trade and public topics, live events in front of an audience on the exhibition grounds. In addition, the sessions are recorded and can be accessed afterwards in the Frankfurter Buchmesse media library for one year.
  Presentation options
 Some of the Frankfurt Fellows 2022 © private
Fellowship 2022
Meet the Frankfurt Fellows!
They come from 15 different countries, such as Armenia, the USA, Indonesia and Italy. They hold a wide range of roles - they are founders of publishing houses, programme managers, heads of digital publishing, and rights managers in large publishing groups and at independent publishing houses. They are all taking part in the Frankfurt Fellowship Programme 2022, which has been providing sustainable training and international networking in the book industry since 1998. We present this year's participants on our website.

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+++ Newsflash +++
This is how many licences German publishers sold abroad in 2021. That is 2.4 per cent more than in 2020. Even more figures on the German book market were revealed by the Börsenverein, the German booksellers' and publishers' association, at its business press conference today.  

+++ #FreeAllWords +++ This is the name of the new aid fund of the European Writers' Council (EWC) for Belarusian and Ukrainian authors. The initiative provides funds for translations and text fees.
© Roger von Heereman
"The story is unbelievable, but true."
From book to screen - and in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Cannes Film Festival: We spoke to Dr Katharina Meyer from Merlin Verlag about her participation in the "Shoot the Book!" event on the Côte d'Azur. Ten selected titles were presented to the 170 or so film producers present at a pitch session. Among them was "Die Männer mit dem rosa Winkel" (The Men with the Pink Triangle) by Heinz Heger, which deals with the persecution of homosexuals during the Hitler regime.
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© Mykola Swarnyk
Peace Prize of the German Book Trade to Serhij Zhadan
His readings and concerts are always sold out and he is one of the most important voices of contemporary Ukrainian literature: Serhij Zhadan, musician and author, will be honoured with the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade on 23 October "for his outstanding artistic work as well as for his unequivocal humanitarian stance, which repeatedly motivates him to risk his own life to help people affected by war", according to the justification of the Foundation Council. We congratulate Serhij Zhadan, who makes the frightening reality of war tangible in his novels, essays, poems and song lyrics.
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